Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shot from the hip

i´d love to be in copenhagen right now.
edit: that´s what i said yesterday. what i would love right now, is to know why a manufacturer like Nikon, that i honestly trust completly in everything "business", is still producing shitty little trash cameras. It is 2010 now, digital photography, even in the amateur field, has improved a loooot. Not to mention the development at the top, where quality has gone beyond analog standards, slowly but unstoppable. (Phase One P65+ anyone?)
So Nikon, when i bought this sweet little coolpix for fun, i knew i wouldn´t exactly fall in love with the image quality head over acne heels. But. This is weak. I can´t even go and shoot some crappy ebay photos with it. What the heck? With my diana or holga, i bought them for weak quality, but for weak quality with attitude.
But if there is one thing cannot stand with images, it is colour noise. And that doesn´t change only because i switch from my workhorse to my little holiday and allday-crap coolpix. I didn´t pay 180,- Euro for a cellphone camera anno 2000.
(Ok well i did.) Shame on you Nikon.

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