Friday, February 5, 2010

i copy paper at the copyshop sometimes

according to my last post, i just have to tell a story. this is what happened some days ago. like i do from time to time, and completly unintentional, i was looking for a new pair of, yes, shoes, driven by a secret voice. finally, i ended in the danish shoe store with the B, you know? the only pair that immediately caught my eye were black wedges, again. to be more precise, black minimarket wedges. the beautiful ones that were also available in a heartbreaking blue. i almost thought something like oh are they selling minimarket here, now?? til i realised i was looking at nothing else but a complete copy. not similar, or "these remind me of", it were exactly the same shoes. only for another price. what i did, i took them home for a little play around photoshoot, and will bring them back to the copyshop tomorrow.
btw, they also have surface2air buckle sandals there, if you´re interested... ; )

1 comment:

Sarah said...

sehr schön!
und danke für den super tip ;)
bianco gibts doch auch in trier, oder?