Monday, June 15, 2009

this is bavarian for.cosiness

finally. back from a week trip to bavaria. the interior of our apartment was of such.classic.german "stil" that i couldn´t believe it was possible.the rooms had it all. from the obligatory, gold framed mountain idyll painting with deer. to the "eiche rustikal" furniture. and all of it in this unique combination. felt like in a museum for all things bad taste, after a week my eyes almost started bleeding. and again, the moment i stepped in the rooms, i knew i had to picture the atmosphere just as creepy as it actually was.


Dotti said...

Ach du grüne Neune! Wie großartig ist das denn bitte? Ich hätt's gerne alles. Sofort. Wo war das? Verrätst du's mir?

Liebste Grüße, Dotti

Linda Love said...

unglaublich,oder?! am besten finde ich die art, wie die bilder hängen, und in den mit der hand eingeschlagenen kopfkissen lag am ankunftstag eine mini rittersport als betthupferl!!
das war in garmisch, vor 3 wochen.