Thursday, June 4, 2009


another series of old slides. only these are way older, maybe 15 years. and of much worse quality. but here, it´s just the look i want them to have. very faded . barely saturated . a lot of visible grain . raw and grey. i slightly remember that day, but i´m faintly reminiscent of the salty breeze, fresh air and somehow strange atmosphere that must have been there. i wasn´t there alone, that i know, but they make me feel as if right now i´m standing there, all by myself with the grey sky, leaving all the world behind, arms spread, looking for shells, deeply soaking in the loneliness. almost not being able to see a difference between ocean and horizon. feeling a little caspar david friedrich. i want to go back there, but the mountains have been calling me with a louder voice all my life. yet something is directing me to that   beach

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