Friday, May 29, 2009


black combined with pink. one of my all time favourite colour couples. it only has to be a very bright pink, not rose and pastel
and, mr. black needs to be a mighty guy, oppressing his wife, mrs pink. mrs pink has to be a very small girl to make a good couple. sometimes, when the two of them got out , you wouldn´t even notice the tiny mrs. next to the mighty husband,  for he is oh so overwhelming in his presence. keeping his girl small and silent, not allowing her to do too much of the talking, not letting her give herself room to breathe. if mr black and his wife, if they were an outfit, they would perfectly make an oversized black tshirt, customized with a veeeeery little pink dot on the upper right front. almost not visible, but therefore the more impressive once you´ve noticed. 


ryder said...

i thinkn that combination of back and pink is cool, very successful, but lots of sites and logos use it. need another combination.

Mode Junkie said...

love pink and black combo too!

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