Wednesday, May 27, 2009

eyelike. and eyelikeNOT

this photo on FotoDecadent took away my breath for a second
just because you do not get to see a fairylike, artificial, stunning
face like this when you walk around the block to get some rolls.
at least if you don´t live in nyc nextdoor to ford models or img

but then, my breath was literally taken away a second time.
looking at this, a terrible feeling of pitty and shock rose up
my throat. this is simply horrifying and definitely NOT good.
looks like cancer, or hiv, in the last stadium. which makes
me feel absolutely sad about her.
i´m NOT one claiming to put more "normal women", curvy 
women in editorials or on the runways, but that skeletton 
of a body is beyond words and absolutely not something
anybody should want to see. no magazine should print a
photo like that, unless it´s a documentation on anorexia


ThatManJustYawned said...

that's elyse sewell, no?

Georgia said...

i love her eyes, they draw you in.

It would be mine