Wednesday, March 11, 2009

H&M in GOOD means COS

again, an i love COS post. but the spring09 lookbook images are simply beyond beautiful to me.
they are a 100% me.
and personally, i can`t help, but still love these pale skinned, even-paler-eyed, fragile girls as models. 
i know some are fed up with this replaceable, always similar armada of rather eastern european girls,
shot up and down for editorials,
and walking all the runways,
looking so not from this world.
but somehow, i can´t get bored with it.
on the other hand, why.are.there not MORE editorials with ,e.g., black models?
lula has done it right now, with a great response, but still, i feel that something is not as it should be in this matter.

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