Tuesday, December 1, 2009

lastchristmasigaveyoumyhe...ok sorry!

december 1st. the last month. christmas is near. and i can´t believe it.

p.s. the trees are leafless all of a sudden, when did that happen? was my absentminded-ness that bad?? it looks nice as well anyway.


Stéphanie said...

Dear, I love your blog !


What do we call art?
The fact of having a brand new idea, or the fact of creating something that most people can't?

Linda Love said...

the thing is, i guess everybody has thought that way once, when looking at something REALLY abstract. at least i did, i admit. on the other hand, how many of my clients say "oh i take photos too", but look what they do. that´s a similar thing.

Kat said...

großartig :)

ein super link-tip den du auf lesmads gegeben hast,
danke :)