Friday, November 13, 2009

oh, lookhowbeautiful

3 random things that have made me happy today.

// walking through a shower of leaves, caused by a heavy, tepid wind. it really was a shower. they were all over. everywhere. on my face, in my hair. feeling their beautiful texture. smelling their scent. typically autumn, slightly moldy. for a second, it almost felt divine, somehow. strange. the world, my world, was standing still for a little moment. i stopped walking and just stood still, under a shower of leaves.

// discovering david koma some days ago. first i read about him on a beautiful blog, and then really liked his stuff. central saint martins mostly doesn´t fail...

// flipping through my this-and-that folder, and noticing that there must have been some copy cats at work in my town. these comfortable seats, especially if you sit down for longer than the moment of a leaf shower, for sure have one. single. source. ysl cage heels, don´t you think?

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