Monday, November 2, 2009

nina ricci SOCKS!hellyes!

saturday night. i wasn´t wearing red lipstick and black was just a phrase, an imagination, a wish. red lipstick has definitely not been made for me. i mean red. really red. french red. dior red. chanel red. woman red. that kind. i only wear orange lipstick. with pink blush. and rose lipstick, with orange blush. so i changed my plans. what i did, was wear my nina ricci aw 09 SOCKS. you know ? scary 9 inches high, but really comfortable, surprisingly easy to walk in.
after i took the evening to become a proud master of walking them with confidence, i took them out for an autumn sunday walk by the water.
people were staring.
the world was dancing in golden light. everything is illuminated.
these socks. can´t get over them. i´m obsessed.

1 comment: said...

I love all the simple, yet amazing photos on your blog, cement, water steel and glass. Makes me tingle*