Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i´m a sheet of blank paper

some time ago, i started to buy my ""beauty products"" from the rather big names. big names and big money. even if the ingredients may be the same, and more than often not the best treatment for our biggest organ, it feels strangely better. an artdeco eyeshadow colour palette is a beautiful thing to look at, and ysl blush can easily function as a home decoration. maybe that´s a thing only girls understand. no one cares what the lipstick in my bag looks like, but i do. i do. and i do like this smooth, simple chanel bottle. black, and white alabaster glass. that´s all it takes. but the content, well what can i say. i heard a lot about it, a lot of horray about it, and after all i heared, i had to have it. sweet little highlights on your cheeks, who could resist? maybe you have to BELIEVE in the result to be able to see a difference. so is it worth the price? at least it brightens up the bathroom.


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Dotti said...

Liebe Linda. Fühl dich bitte verstanden. Und danke für die stärkenden Wünsche! ;) Dotti

milostyle.se said...

I love how you compose your photos, simple and clean.

>Sexy Bitch, thats just a nice little expression, nothing bad. Bad would be "Sexy Dirty Prostitute", although I like the dirty part;)