Friday, October 9, 2009

i only dream in white

in the end. all the ways and excursions lead me back to white again. white. symmetry. shapes. especially when it comes to dishes and interior, i like it less is more. i can spend hours in furniture shops, or the rosenthal showroom. if i can afford what my personal taste wishes to possess, well that´s on a completly different note. nevertheless, most of the time, i don´t buy, but look. look and look. in this crinkled plate, is see inspiration for fashion, the "snowdrift vase" and the origami series are on my list for some come photoshoots. but being so much lead by my eyes, being such a visual person, it happens more than often, that the smallest details can literally cause me pain. a jammed livingroom, a flower too much, and it hurts. it really does. i suffer, when things aren´t "my way". i can´t help.
these rosenthal beauties don´t cause me pain.nothing beats white china. and nothing beats the traditional manufacturers. but what i buy, in the end, is just ikea.

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