Saturday, September 26, 2009

you´d be the perfect addition

one thing i try to stick to in my life, is to enjoy beautiful moments, and every now and then, take little timeouts. in a park. a cafe. a bookstore. just daydreaming. watching people. reading. staring into nowhere. so many people are in a constant hurry and, as it seems, forget about their own little selfs. one of the biggest fortunes of my job is, that i´m pretty much the master of my time. i couldn´t survive in a bank, in a 9-5 office, or anything like that. i need time to think. time to phantasize. time for myself. that is one of the most important things in my life. only then can i work productive and efficient.
so today, i was staying true to myself, and wandered around the park. sat on a bench, drank a cafe latte and read a magazine. saturdays can be nice.
fake polaroids via poladroid and photoshop

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