Monday, August 10, 2009


it´s august and i should be feeling light hearted.easygoing.dreamy.but there is something. something i can´t catch nor put in words. just something.
it´s august and i started to dream of living in scandinavia all of a sudden. having a name like Ylva.Freiya.Elinor.Emma. and dreaming of having a beautiful, blonde haired, pale-blue-eyed boyfriend with a name like Gustav.Lasse.Magnus.Ludde. sitting in the garden together in white, wodden ikea chairs, lampions hanging from a birch tree. lying on an old landing stage leading into a small lake in the middle of nowhere. a frightening, sunny silence. all the cliches. please.



cool photos!!!

Anonymous said...

das ist astrids schuld! zumindest gebe ich ihr die schuld dafuer, wenn ich mal wieder skandinavien-fernweh habe ... ich glaube das goethe-institut nennt es das "bullerbü-syndrom" ...