Thursday, July 2, 2009


some weeks ago (it almost feels like it´s ages ago) this is what i found. on a beautiful day during my holidays. it was hot like hell, when suddenly, in a shadow-all-day corner of the gorge, there were these surreal pieces of snow. perfectly lit by the rare light coming from the side. strong lines, next to flurry shades of grey. geometry, volume, complex yet simple. light. shadow. contrast. i thought that this natural sculptures were a good example for what i like in fashion, and also for what i like about certain other things in life. there´s always so many little things about nature that  can give you a good amount of inspiration, no matter what you do. at least i tend to develop a lot of new ideas when i spot something like this.

clear lines.volume.geometry.

soft.light.blurry silhouettes.

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