Friday, July 10, 2009

evening dreaming

before summer returns and high temperatures hit back again, i´ll take the chance and write down some ideas.wishes.plans of what i´d like to wear this fall, as a little reminder. slightly inspired by some pictures i saw from chanel rtw 2009.
hopefully, there wil be thick, knitted wool cardigans in all shades of pastel, from the lightest apricot, to the most blurry rose.
also some thick wool tights in just the same colour palette, combined with my hopefully then to be found, finally perfect vagabond ankle boots. nothing against some laceup peeptoe ankleboots as well.
wide sleeves at the upper arm, and some, ok i say it the last time, thick knitted gloves to give the forearm a rather slim shape.
not to forget a good amount of black with all the the pastel flash.
dressed like that, i hope i´m ready to finally discover paris.
oh autumn

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