Monday, June 22, 2009

it´s.about beauty

" one criticizes if you
want to do beautiful homes. no one criticizes if you want
to buy a beautiful chair. but so many intellectuals still criticize
why you want to wear beautiful clothes, and it’s only our body,
so it must be important in a way"
_miuccia prada_
read this quote lately, and sometimes, more often than thought, one might get criticised for, well, i might say, dressing up. a lot of times it turns out to be not a loud and direct criticism, but a very sneaky and behind-your-back one. as if by wearing some high heeled shoes, for example,  you´d automatically be a superficial, silly pain in the other ones intellectual ass. not wearing worn out chucks at an indie rock show is not a crime, and hosting tons of fashion magazines doesn´t mean you´re not into reading the "heavy, real" stuff as well. but sometimes, that´s just what people who especially like to call themSELVES open minded and tolerant, make you feel like in their presence. it´s in their eyes, in how they watch you up and down, in how they rise one eyebrow. and i´m not getting impressed by that or feeling offended, it´s just that this is getting on my nerves soo much it hurts. and it´s these moments where you wish the most for everyone to look after nothing else but their own matters. it´s an affair of tolerance, and it doesn´t need much to make people show off their mean, ugly, common faces. be it the disabled person on the street being stared after and talked about loud, or the woman wearing a pair of bright yellow!!! tights. i, and that´s all i can do, really try my best and work on myself for becoming a more tolerant, more openminded person to others. because everyone has slandered, everyone has said mean words about strangers. everyone has. and that´s a sad, a terrible thing about being human for sure 

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