Monday, May 25, 2009


clearness . simplicity . a sharp yet smooth silhouette. is what i´m OFTEN into on one hand. wearing black from head to toe, only brightened up by maybe one, but then VERY colourful detail. and combined with a sleek, straight ponytail. just like this acne look above. the black silk blouse, to me, it has a kind of reduced beauty that doesn´t need anything but itself to impress. no playful accessoire, no colour.  to sum it up, i could just say, i LOVE this blouse.
in 99 out of 100 times, i can be sure that a day in black, is followed by a saturated rush of colour the next day. when i wish for blurry light, airy flowerprint blouses and a "scandinavian-summer atmosphere" . enjoying a cup of coffee  in a shadowy little corner of the city . reading magazines. to sum it up, i could just say,  that´s what i´ll  do in 2 minutes 
blackness: acne
blurryness: pixiemarket

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