Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Another Fashion Book 
shows the best fashion editorials 
another magazine has printed during the last 8 years.
looks like a really really good way to spend 50,- euro.
once again, this beautiful item can be ordered at 
berlin magazinestore doyoureadme 
this place is PURE sin. heaven and hell in one place.
i need a "free magazines till death" account .

well, another thing  that caught my attention.
or i should say another thing that my attention got attracted by,
since almost every blogger seems to come around with the news.
"divided exclusive"
as contradictory these two words may sound at first glance
maybe the name keeps its promise, who knows.
when i take a look at the divided stuff in my local favourite swede,
it doesn´t take much to surpass the normal collection 
in terms of quality and looks.

took a first impression at nitrolicious.
not REAlly sure about what i saw.

looks like i might like the shape, 
but the material looks as if you were 
going on a diving-trip. not at ALL into neopren. 
i can image myself instantly feeling like the michelin-guy
as soon as i´m trapped in this little black balloon.
will see.

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