Thursday, March 5, 2009


met these at zara. fell deeply in love. and still, went home without,
had to rethink that oh so plastique-ish blue.
already knowing i`d come back back back FAST.
so did I, fast beating heart and sweating hands (ok, not really)
first try, what a heavenly comfy feeling. 
can`t wait for some extra °C and I´ll never get them off of my feet again.
already see the angry-eyed stares and behind-the-back-comments coming my way. 


mahret said...

ja, die sind toll. wieder so ein paar, das mich traurig macht so große füße zu haben :(

LindaTheShootress said...

also ich hab sie auch immerhin in 40 nehmen müssen,dafür sehen sie noch angenehm zierlich aus